Theather of Jesus

July 10, 2014

ichtusTo my understanding, coming from the word of opensource and plantbased nutrition, most of churches got their stuff wrong. We, the embodied spirits of this spaceship, are peers to each other. The idea of perpetuating the message of Christ that is about “telling” people and they listening, is wrong.

Getting on your knees and following a certain routine is against the teachings of Christ. The Love is about heart of hearts, and not about body movements. If you and the person you make sex with are not in love, then its using other person as a crutch, or in some extreme cases a rape. On the other hand if you are in love the true music happens and all else doesn’t matter.

What if there was a better way to share the message of Love than preaching? What if simple re-enactments of what Jesus was teaching would work instead? Read the rest of this entry »

Hosed Hydro

June 30, 2014

I was thinking the other day. There is a lot of need for green electric power, without all of flooding and dramas of displacement of people. Or if you see it from politician eyes, need for the energy free from war controlled resources like gas and oil, energy that will not raise public outrage like nuclear and very inexpensive and non intrusive unlike wind that generates lots of irritating humm.

The most reliable of all is hydroelectric power, however it raises a lot of grief, it causes displacement of up to 4,000,000 people in case of Chinese Three Gorges Dam. The planned Brazilian Belo Monte Dam will displace many native tribes. What if there is alternative way to making a big powerplant, that is not only cheaper to make, but also does not require flooding lots of land?

Hosed Hydro concept from Millennials Guide

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Love graph

June 20, 2014

After studying Gospel of Matthew, this is what I believe Jesus had in mind, and what He wanted to show the world:

The love graph

The love graph

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Source code

February 14, 2014

This is source code package accompanying my (Artur Sowinski) software CV.

It contains selected projects:

  • Twitachu twitter reader project in ruby
  • Hive testbed of few technologies – sockets, own physics engine, templates, diy foreach c++ macro
  • Wlog the php weight logging app.
  • 33600 – My early (1999) 3d artwork, part of the demoscene movement.

Also notable project:

  • Diskless linux system capable of full 3d, with single hdd for entire organisation with clever network caching system that allows instant propagation of installed software

Other technology related blog entries are here.

cat5_network_cableIf you have a laptop with Ubuntu system on it, which you take with you every now and then, you most likely encountered a pesky bug in the network setup. When booting from cold start the laptop starts to look for a connected ethernet cable, but when you are on the go, there is no such thing, thus it waits 3 minutes at the boot time before deciding to go without network. Many forums have some strange solutions to this problem, I found out what really is wrong, and how to EXACTLY fix it.

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alien_in_UFO_cartoon_TAfter going plant based I simply could not stop thinking about a one thing: humans and non-humans are pretty much of the same construct. We all form tribes of shared beliefs, we create tools that aid our overall well-being in our lives, we love, we sometimes disagree and throw faeces, rocks or small metal pebbles, sometimes even larger pebbles that are somewhat radioactive at each other to prove something. By we I mean all species of this place.

What if they would actually exist? What if there were more then one species that can create highly specialised transformations of reality based on imaginary constructs?

What if they are of same moral construct as all else of this place and are not that different than we are? This is what I think they see us like. Scared, confused by unknown technology, however they seem to appreciate curiosity of the select few who chose to stay, overcome the fear and want to investigate what is going on.

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conferate_flagSo, you have a truck. Not just any truck. You’ve set your truck at proper height for the offroad, just half of inch below suspension height limits set by public road officials. You tinkered around your truck and know that every time something sounds bad you just have to get it done and fixed, up to speed. You answer to no-one, except The Almighty, and your mother in law. You tread on no-one. You know what the difference makes putting a match ammo through your gun and cheap one. And despite your best intentions you sometimes have to yield to the dollar or to the doctor. What if there was a better way to get things done within own means?

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