Simple Raw-ish Stew

September 1, 2011

This recipe is for lazy yet savvy and practical people. I created it on a go when I was originally cooking the rice plus wild rice combo as a side dish for cooked veggie mix. However I put too much water, and it was simply a shame to pour all of the taste and nutrients out the drain. The veggies were chopped and ready for processing, so i decided to put them in a pot with boiling rice instead. Because the rice was almost done I cooked the whole thing only for about 5-10 minutes, which resulted in awesome fresh taste of semi-raw stew. Carrot and most of all garlic were soft on the outside yet fresh on the inside which gave amazing taste and texture combination and the onions which were cooked till they got transparent while still being crunchy at the same time were awesome as well. Whole stew is vegan.


1 cup of rice of your choice
2 onions
1 carrot
3 cloves
of garlic
3 table spoons of olive oil
a handful
of parsley leaves
oregano, coriander, salt
2 drops of harissa paste ( or other hot sauce, 2 drops per whole wok, it’s REALLY hot )
1 veggie bullion cube ( if possible look for low/non salt variety )
few slices of a wholegrain dark bread


Get a wok or a pot large enough to fit all the ingredients mentioned above. Fill it with water, add salt and when it will get boiling add rice.

When rice is cooking ( if it is a wild rice it can take up to half of hour ) start washing and preparing veggies. Slice the tomatoes into cubes and add them to the boiling rice. Add dry spices (oregano and coriander). Wait with adding the rest of the veggies and spices till the rice will be okay.

Putting tomatoes early will mash them by the heat and enhance their taste and healthy anti-oxidant capabilities. Cut the onions in large chunks, the carrot into the half-moons and chop parsley into rough pieces.

Smash the garlic and cut it roughly so you will get about 0.5 cm ( 0.2 inch ) cubes from it.

By the time you’re done with all of the chopping you should have the rice almost cooked. Now is the time to add everything else to the boil. Leave it for about 5-10 minutes. Just when the onion will be softened up by the heat and change into transparent yet still retaining its shape the whole stew will be ready.

Serve with few slices of wholegrain dark bread of your choice and plant an unchopped parsley stem in the middle as a garnish.

Dig in :)


I like to cut the onion first in half from top to its root and then when placed on the flat side 4-5 cuts from the top to the root once again placing the blade towards the middle of onion. This will create lots of nicely C-shaped chunks. No need to further separate them since they will fall apart under the heat on their own.

Tomato cubes will loose their shape when in the heat so there is no need to care about the shape of them.

Be sure to just let garlic be in bigger rougher chunks instead of finely chopping it. The garlic will create awesome texture and flavor when left in alone and rough.

Harissa is extremely hot. Only two drops of it per whole wok or pot will do. Adding third drop will make the whole thing inedible.

Feel free to experiment by adding other veggies and let me know how it worked for you, after all the most fun is in the variety, and most of all enjoy :)

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