Another take on the cookies

October 27, 2011

After several successful cookie baking attempts I came up with an improved recipe. Besides of the oats in the original recipe, I also used about cup of shredded coconut, finely chopped fresh ginger, real vanilla sticks instead of vanilla flavor and a generous amount of spelt bran. Both of those have awesome health properties.

I only wish I had raw coconut around instead of factory shredded one which had some chemistry in it… Oh well, one of the many reasons for me to move into warmer climate, or into more vegan foodie friendly country :)

Mega Cookie Of Doom

Another fun thing I came up with was streamlining the process of creating cookies from the dough. When feeling very lazy I came up with the idea of putting one big batch of dough on the baking sheet, rolling it flat and then using the blunt side of a butter-knife make grooves in the mass on the sheet. In that way the cookies come out rectangular or triangular, but they taste the same :) On another try I chose to use simple glass as a cookie cutter to make nice round uniform shapes which then i rounded up by flattening each cutout in my palms.

In any case it is worthy to play and experiment with food to find what suits you most and discover or rediscover the ways that were unknown to you before. When both, your mom and even your cat try to nick them you must be on to something good :)

Cat trying to steal a cookie

Don’t be scared of trying new things and enjoy :) I know I did enjoy my cookies when writing this entry and fending off my cat at the same time :)

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