February 7, 2012

The idea of downsizing seems to be all over the place right now. People realizing more and more that what they have actually keeps them more and more slave to that stuff. This is why people move to rural areas to be more in control of own life, food stream, and to have less pressures and headgames of ‘modern society’.

One strange thing I saw recently was some strange people trying to by any means live off the backpack and off the own bank account, so called digital nomads. I don’t say it’s wrong what they do, however I wouldn’t be able do go along that route. It exposes people to lots of strange stuff. One of which is being unable to share and have intimacy.

When people will downsize too much they will lose not only things, but also with them functionality. The cutting-off-the-branch youre sitting on will happen.

I like unlike them, aim to downsize on the deeper emotional level. I want to keep my flow optimal, and I want to have things in life that support me. The good ol balance of whether to buy a beer, or to build a brewery to basically have the thing of roughly same quality.

For me It is about minimising the effort to have the functionality that I like in life. Something that will pay me in free time, instead of pride + “oh, so you managed to optimize that thing quite well, now that you have lot of time why don’t you go and optimize yet another thing since you know it so well..”.

This is one of the reasons I am phasing out my ties with the computer world. Closing unneeded online email accounts to only a handful of essentials. And I am replacing it with the more physical and health oriented way of life. Being fit and healthy is really awesome, hopefully this summer I will take on some parkour after settling on new career path as a fruit packer, some mega organic hydroponic farm helper or other vegan food oriented physical job ( getting paid for delivering people health and going to the gym at the same time? is there anything else better in the world to do? :) )

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. 
— Marcus Tullius Cicero

I guess this quote plus idea of phasing out control of my life and having that garden along permaculture ideals of self maintaining food forest would be the best thing ever to do. Even more so, if sharing extra food with others would be possible like in the case of the Todmorden town.

The first worlder’s myth of “there is no such thing as the free lunch” is crumbling down :)

How it will turn out for me will remain to be seen. There are still some things to take care of from my past where I let my pride and ego rule me instead of health and friendship… But that past of mine is crumbling down too, revealing quite awesome butterfly :-P

We all have only one life to live out, why should we waste it on pleasing others at the cost of own happiness and health?

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