Vegan oat cookies gone nuts

February 10, 2012

Vegan Coconut Oaties

So, once again I went for my trusty oat cookie recipe. This time I was totally out of cranberries and raisins (forgot to restock after Christmas). After going through my pantry all what I found fit for the job was a bag of forgotten shredded coconut. Why not. The recipe is the same as my usual oatie recipe but this time to form cookies I used the rolling pin method:

  • wet the pin a little every now and then to prevent the sugary dough from sticking to the pin
  • roll out the dough as flat as you like
  • cut to strips and place on the baking sheet

Other than that, the only difference lies in switching the raisins with coconut. Also a bit of fresh ginger can improve the taste a lot, but be sure the ginger is blended, minced or chopped to a pulp. You don’t wanna stumble on a lump of ginger, since its strong taste can easily dominate the whole cookie.

In the end I am very lucky that I ran out of raisins. I think this so far is my best remix of my veggie oat cookie recipe. I guess best things happen out of accident like for example the 1000 island dressing recipe which also came to life by accident.

May life bring you more things you need rather only ones you want as well :-)

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