Seaweed hummus sandwiches

February 26, 2012

Yesterday I was making my hummus and I was looking for something that would go along with it. When I was looking through pantry for some tortillas I found some spare nori wraps, and feeling a bit lazy I thought – why not? It turned out quite awesome.

My hummus recipe is here. This time though I used raw sesame seeds instead of toasting them which tasted as good as when using roasted sesames or a tahini paste, but a bit healthier (my move towards raw-living foods). After it was done I just spread it on the pastry and put on torn seaweed parts. For garnish and to add some more taste I used chopped raw onion. Half of it I removed after taking this photo, since I used too much of it, but still It combined quite nice into the whole taste of the sandwich.

Ideally the onion would be of milder variety, preferably red one, but still this tasted amazingly good even with more sharper regular onion.

The whole hummus – seaweed combination reminded me of my pre-vegan times when I was eating some fresh small fish when I was on vacations near the sea. But this sandwich to me tasted better than that, and no one was hurt in the process of making it.

I hope this article encouraged you to go after some new things that you feel you might like doing.

Cheers :-)

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