Vegan views on cancer

February 28, 2012

This is something that I stumbled upon quite recently. I guess it explains why vegans are perceived as ‘militant’. Compassion and animal rights aside, we simply feel and see long-term health patterns forming and it pisses us off that people hurt self ( and other non-human animals along the way ) and then go on complaining about self-inflicted pain and being the burden on society. Just like if their lives and health were not their own personal responsibility.

I just had a surreal conversation with a friend who’s just been diagnosed with cancer.

It amazes me how most people are comfortable being brainwashed into believing disease is a death sentence, unable to be affected by a change in lifestyle. A few minutes into conversation, she said she thought it was strange I’ve been the only person not to say “I feel sorry for you”. I said, “You know I love you, but pity for an avoidable problem isn’t something of which I’m intellectually capable. You’ve got to realize I had to endure the last decade plus of my mother’s life hearing her want my pity. She wasn’t the only one who suffered. I had to watch this once-amazing, vibrant woman (now morbidly obese, diabetic & asthmatic) in misery, sneaking out of the hospital to smoke a cigarette & asking me to go buy her McDonald’s. So, I’ve been fresh out of irrational pity for nearly 20 years.”

“You’re a 36 year-old woman with colon cancer! First, this is a wake-up call, not a death sentence. Second, you have a disease that is 100% behaviorally-caused & curable. I’ve been telling you for over 4 years you were running this risk. This isn’t because of genes or because your favorite choice lost on American Idol. You can’t be over 100 pounds overweight, sedentary, eat junk & be shocked by this. Question: if my head were bleeding because I repeatedly smashed myself in the head with a hammer, would you feel sorry for me or would you tell me to stop smashing myself? Better yet, if I put lard & milkshakes into my gas tank & my car stopped running, would you pity me for my mechanically defective car?”

“I’m sure I’m the only one who hasn’t said I feel sorry for you. Now, if you want me to help you, I’ll move heaven & earth because I passionately want to see you beat this. Or…if you can show me a single case of someone being cured of cancer by pity, I’ll be happy to write you a country song.” (laughter is the best medicine & she roared at that one)

“The only question I have for you is ‘Are you willing to change & save your own life?'” When she said she wasn’t sure she could do it, I told her what I should’ve told the sick father of one of my best friends a few months ago…

“Are you insane? You’d actually rather orphan your children than change your lifestyle?! Recognize that you’re saying your selfish nomnomnom matters more than your love for yourself or even your kids…MOM. You need to think this over today & next time we talk, I don’t want to hear this ‘Well, maybe the lifestyle change has worked for millions of people, but it that doesn’t mean it will for me” bullshit. I’m going to be brutally honest right now. If you’re going to give up, I don’t ever want to hear a word out of you, but if you’re willing to fight, I’ll be there for you until the cows come home…provided you don’t eat them when they get there.”

Folks, EVERY disease known to man has been skyrocketing, especially in the good ol’ U S of Ailing, in the past 30 years. Is it because of Mt. St. Helens? Or because disco died? Or maybe because Sarah Palin shot her first moose? With apologies to Jim Carville, “It’s the lifestyle, stupid.” Disease is not a natural condition of living, as we’ve been told. Furthermore, health isn’t just the absence of disease. True, total health is physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, sexual, relational & inspirational VITALITY! This is the keystone, the Rosetta Stone of the massive paradigm shift we are beginning in 2012! Let’s make this the year our ancestors look back at with more reverence & gratitude than 1776.

 — Chris Aultman ( via Jane Gudge )

That said, there are now specialist well trained and certified with westerners society practitioners with proper letters in front of their names, that will aid in whatever ills you. Please visit website for further guidance on the topic of handling naturally occurring cancer that went out of control of your immunological system.

Yes. This is not hippie 60’s anymore, all of the natural treatments have been proven and verified by western medicine. Tho many westerners are so appalled by the thought that the plants alone can cure cancer which was diagnosed as terminal, that they call people who practice natural healing terrorists:

The longer version with full on description on how Gerson figured it all out during his medical practice:

Although not strictly plant-based, the website has a great collection on health information about everyday food items.

Also please consider joining Bill Clinton, Pamela Anderson and many many more athletes and celebrities who are living a plant based diet, for their daily personal health benefits.

Heres a nice objective view on how meat and diary works with human body by Neal Barnard MD. He convinced texas ranchers that meat is not that healthy, so he might convince you as well ( the link with blockages in heart’s artheries and meat is well documented, but there is some other, more vital to some, organ that relies on the uninterrupted flow of the blood – the one in your pants, that you will take care of when going vegan ) :-)

Although all of the above sounds a little harsh, I hope this will motivate you to make a change in your food habits. You have to decide on your own whether you subscribe to the pride and dramas, or to the health and feelings and being for your loved ones.

2 Responses to “Vegan views on cancer”

  1. Sue Richards Says:

    Think that many people realise the benefits of a change in diet but dont always do what is best for themselves until their health suddenly deteriorates. Would be so much better for all if there is a global shift in understanding and dietary changes away from manufactuers making huge monetary gains producing junk foods for future generations.

    • Its already happening :) A-list celebs like Clinton, Pamela Anderson, Usher, and many more are going vegan every day. Major food pizza chains and subway are experimenting with vegan options. Starbucks owners started some juice bar chain…

      Rome wasn’t burned in a day ;)

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