Popular scares of the first world, debunked by science

March 13, 2012

Knowledge of own life patterns is the power to say “no”

Some folks don’t get, that to have a nice life it is enough to just make what you like in your own life and sell surplus of it to others. Those who do not get it go after pushing something upon others.

The reason for spreading scare and general fear-mongering is the simple same ol’ fear based sales pitch:

“You need to buy from us because we are the only ones who are capable of protecting you from the threat.” (a.k.a. the culture of fear)

Whether or not the threat is real is totally not important, sellers go after idea of threat and not the threat itself, that is why they are so vicious about limiting freedom of speech. Who would buy their “Bogeyman Preventer 3000” if they knew that Bogeyman does not exist?

The world did not come to an end when millennium bug hit it. However, many many people were left with the stockpiles of electric generators and canned food. The world did not fell apart during the cold-hot war times where people were up against each other with nukes primed and ready to perform genocide, but till this day the relics of that era in form of fallout shelters and abandoned nuke silo sites are all around.

Somehow the spirit of kindness prevailed and took over fears.

Below you will see some major fears and superstitions that are spread by salesman to get you spending on things that you do not need. Those FUDs (fear uncertainty doubt) are aplenty in the modern world. I chose to tackle them, by providing factual evidence on why they are wrong and how to address them. Here they are (just look at the pictures and videos if text is too much for you :P)

Water scarcity

People who are spreading rumors about water scarcity often are not aware that the biggest source of water is simply moisture naturally occurring in the air.

Technologies of the dew harvesting and moisture extracting on the industrial scale actually existed in the ancient world. Design by the Russian engineer Friedrich Zibold  is one of the best that there are out there:

In 1900, near the site of the ancient Byzantine city of Theodosia, thirteen large piles of stones were discovered by Zibold who was a forester and engineer in charge of this area. […] To verify his hypothesis Zibold constructed a stone-pile condenser at an altitude of 288 metres (945 ft) on mount Tepe-Oba near the ancient site of Theodosia. Zibold’s condenser was surrounded by a wall 1 metre (3 ft 3 in) high, 20 metres (66 ft) wide, around a bowl-shaped collection area with drainage. He used sea stones 10–40 centimetres (3.9–16 in) in diameter piled 6 metres (20 ft) high in a truncated cone that was 8 metres (26 ft) in diameter across the top. […]

Zibold’s condenser began to operate in 1912 with a maximum daily production that was later estimated to have been 360 litres (79 imp gal; 95 US gal)

Wikipedia: Friedrich Zibold’s condendser

Apart from this there are also successfully operating fog fences, tho they  are limited to areas which have appropriate fog conditions, unlike Zibold’s collector that can operate in pretty much any condition.

Of course there are also active methods of making rain from the water. Some claim that you can just yell to create rain.

The recent invention of acoustic refrigeration probably could be applied for this purpose. Sound does in fact produce rain at certain lakes in China’s southern Yunnan province. People there simply yell for rain. The louder they rain, the more it rains, and the longer they yell, the longer it rains! This effect is possible because the air there is so saturated that sound waves can cause water molecules to condense.

— “Air Wells, Fog Fences & Dew Ponds – Methods for Recovery of Atmospheric Humidity” by Robert A. Nelson

Science seems to confirm that sound waves can cause dew to condense.

Most rely on the effect one can observe when watching air-conditioner making small drops of water that are usually treated as waste and piped outside of apartment with a small pipe. However on industrial scale when coupled with a wind-turbine it can produce water and electricity in the middle of nowhere.

Food scarcity

Some GMO companies try to push their lawyer patented seeds which only they have the right to sell, by giving it a spin that claims they are ‘bug resistant’. Unfortunately for them, the nature worked around in the same manner as any artificial intrusion into its system. Because some critters from the whole species are resistant  to the pesticide that plants produce because of the GMO intrusion, this is the cause of the phenomenon of ‘super bugs’. Once the field is seeded with only one species of plant, the bugs or diseases tuned to that species thrive as well (just like in the Irish potato famine times). This is why GMO foods will not save the planet, and even if they did, they are found unfit for consumption causing infertility and trigger lots of potential diseases.

Food scarcity is a lie, since there are aquaponic systems ( can be made vegan with fish eating duckweed and being released instead of eaten ) and re-introduction of WW2 era ‘victory gardens’ updated with the new technology and understanding of nature, all of them allow to feed own family from as small space as suburban backyard:

Synthetic medicine being the only way

Big pharma claims just like medicine man in some tribal cultures, that they are the only gateway to the health. What they withhold from you is that the body can heal itself quite fine on its own when given the right food to support itself.

The oath that many modern doctors took is coined by the Hippocrates, who is also known for less known quote: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Unfortunately the nutrition is extremely neglected by the western medicine schools, however the continuous push of population towards nature and veganism and the overall healthy lifestyle makes changes in conventional medicine as well.

The theories spread by the big pharma claim that vaccines cause human body to be resistant to some perceived danger. Unfortunately for big pharma the vaccines have been proven by independent researchers and by science community ineffective.

Big pharma claims are often based on the Healthy User Bias principle – people who underwent medical tests in regard to the introduction of new vaccines were in the top of their health and the vaccines did not do any improvements to their already very capable immunological system.

In the times of the great plagues same rules apply. Yes. Some plagues were deadly, but because we humans are different from each other a little, some of us have immune systems more ready to overcome whatever next big thing is out there (some even have immunity to aids/hiv) and as human species we managed to pull through. But to keep us safe in times of some next great plague, all you need is proper nutrition that comes from the mother earth. It will boost your immunological system in the natural way.

If you still don’t buy into body being able to take care of itself when left alone, how about the underground no-poo movement then? Many people in that movement (including me) successfully ditched toxin loaded shampoos, for a various very simple solutions. Letting the body do the taking care of itself as it is naturally capable of doing so.

Entertainment and imaginary property

The closed source software and restricted intellectual property community like the music industry fight to keep free open source software from hitting mainstream. Unfortunately for them the Linux based systems are more and more present throughout the all areas, including for example schools and government organisations and financial institutions.

Why Linux systems are free for everyone to  use? The right question is why some companies try to convince you that the information that can be spread freely has monetary value?

Also to make matters interesting there are lots of sites, where artist place music royalty free, or on pay as you want basis. An awesome example is the video I made using free open source software, and giving it music from royalty free site:

MUSIC is everybody’s possession.
It’s only publishers who think that people own it.
— John Lennon

History and technological advancements proved he was right.

Economic meltdown

The current media scare of the week is the economic meltdown. Media like the potential gloomy stories of collapse to scare the shit out of regular folk like you and me. However history teaches us that human spirit always took over, and in the worst case the 1%’ers responsible for messing up the system were sacked (or beheaded and then put into sacks in case of the French revolution ^^).

Things always were sketchy at the top, and people over the time managed to wisen up. The sacking of the 1%’ers happened before in Scandinavia, it happens as you read this in Iceland which went belly up after GFC hit them. And after brief unrest things got way better than before.

Keepers of the exchange tokens who tie their existence and meal ticket to the smooth operation of the system, will always figure out ways to heal the flow of the money, with large suggestion from the general public ( “Democracy is not a spectator sport” ). For example some states in USA are now securing plans to create state-local gold and silver backed alternative currency just in case of the meltdown of the USA-dollar.

Human impact on the naturally occurring events

Throughout the history officials with too much of time on their hands always wanted out of spite to control ‘the great unwashed’. For their own good of course, when left uncontrolled who can tell what the great unwashed could do – a sheer anarchy with the royal family blessing, right? How to one-up the population so they will always stay in line? – by tying self to the natural occurring events and claim that if all of the little ones will behave good, you will fix the occurring event. The scared people submit to your will, event naturally passes on its own, everyone is “happy”.

During the local tribes era it was usually the medicine man that hold the power along with the chief of the village and kept all others in submission. Either through direct action, but more often through being emotionally abusive jerk and imprinting TABOO on fellow tribe folk out of spite.

In ancient Egypt the scare of the week was the solar eclipse. Priests of that era tied the occurrence of phenomenon to their religious beliefs that required celebration of one person as personification of the god Ra. They made a big deal of making whole industry around the whole issue, with temples and whatnot.

Anyone coming with the ‘crazy’ idea of not sticking in line and telling that the solar eclipse occurs naturally without any aid of human priests, would be first peer-reviewed by priests themselves, who would afterwards claim the person infidel and equivalent of the ‘terrorist’ term of the era.

The authoritarians tried to stop independent thinking at all cost. Do you remember how Galileo was persecuted for telling the truth?

Thankfully now we are living in the world of the democracy where we have freedom of speech. However, some anti democracy neo-feudalists have sentiment for the past era where they could authoritatively claim what is right and what is wrong, despite the democratic process of coming to consensus which is based on the factual, undoctored data.

One of the most strongest views on the subject of the man made climate change theory, is that democracy haters are now trying to tax everyone on the planet. Their agenda states that CO2 emissions, despite the obvious unmangled scientific data, are behind the naturally occurring phenomenon of climate change. Luckily their assertions are disputed, and thanks to democracy and freedom of speech and the wonders of the internets, all can now see the factual material:

Dr David Stockwell (bio) runs ongoing list of publications in regard in manipulation of climate data by alarmists. Among those entries he managed to provide evidence against theory of man-made climate change:

My position is that anthropogenic global warming is an artifact of dodgy modeling and statistics. All of my publications discrediting extreme claims have been vindicated. (Many more claims of AGW have been discredited, these are just mine.)

Dr David Stockwell

Dr Christopher R. Scotese (bio) has researched the climate on earth from its prehistoric times till now. In short, he managed to prove that climate just fluctuates on its own:

During the last 2 billion years the Earth’s climate has alternated between a frigid “Ice House”, like today’s world, and a steaming “Hot House”, like the world of the dinosaurs. 

— Dr Christopher R. Scotese

Dr Geoff Deacon in his studies managed to prove that CO2 followed temperature raise. This means that CO2 has no effect on the climate.

Our earliest atmosphere had no oxygen in it and actually had carbon dioxide levels of about 10%,” he says of Cambrian times some 600 million years ago. 

Today’s current carbon dioxide levels are at 0.038 %, “in geological terms the lowest level that we’ve actually had of carbon dioxide in earth’s history.”

Dr  Geoff Deacon

Those three are only few of more than literally 1000 of scientists who chose to stand for the science and sanity. Among those 1000 scientists there are quite few of former UN IPCC members who chose to change sides when they learned about true nature of naturally occurring climate fluctuations.

Scaremongering performed by vocal media figures many humorously refer to as “Church of Climatology” because of trying to impose carbon guilt in people.

original found on http://www.sl-webs.com/deesillustration/artwork.asp?item=157&cat=politics

Church of Climatology photo that went viral on the web

Other compilations of facts against theory of man-made climate change:

Myths about human role in global warming and exaggeration of data of naturally occuring climate change.

Lord Christopher Monckton’s speech at the St. Paul at a climate skeptic event sponsored by the Minnesota Free Market Institute. (yes, I am aware of dispute around his Lord title and his Noble prize claims, however he also was working as major science advisor for the Thatcher government and facts he collected about mismanaging of climate data are really important and eye-opening)

It is really hard to believe climate alarmists, when taking their own ( UN IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ) data and running simple arithmetic shows the numbers do not add up:

According to a new U.N. report, the global warming outlook is much worse than originally predicted. Which is pretty bad when they originally predicted it would destroy the planet

— Jay Leno

Energy scarcity

We are living in the times of the peak oil. That over-dependence on oil got as addicted to the lot’s of devices which are powered by electricity or by the oil. However that constant need for more and more is mostly a lie. Many people from all walks of life, from richest businessman on the planet, to the everyday people like you and me start to realize pointlessness of chasing the dream of accumulation of stuff. ( vid available in USA only )

When you know what you want from life, then you transform from the grab-all to the  cherry-pick type of living. Since you know where you stand and what you want, you are now making your life way more greener than buying a new hybrid SUV that took heaps of resources to make. For some comes a realization that they do not need electricity to be happy and to get by.

However if you still want electricity, there are heaps of Thorium out there. Thorium is a radioactive material. Thorium is safe, unlike the ones we know from the media, like Plutonium or Uranium. Because you cant make bomb out of it, this is probably the number one reason governments are not interested in pursuing it as energy source. Thorium also emits so low-power alpha-radiation that BEER CAN made from aluminum is more than enough to shield it completely. This is why by 2014 there are plans to create a Thorium based car:

Stevens worked out you’d require a 227kg, 250MW thorium engine in order to power a typical road car. Within that system 1 gram of thorium produces the equivalent of 7,500 gallons of gasoline. So if you fit the Thorium engine with 8 grams of Thorium, it will run the vehicle for its entire lifetime without needing to be refueled while all the time not producing any emissions. The engine lasts so long in fact, that it could be taken from one vehicle and used in another as and when they wear out.

—  “8 grams of thorium could replace gasoline in cars” by Matthew Humphries

And why you want to drive cars? Many ditch them for cargo bikes popular in many European countries which are catching up all around the world.

And theres aplenty of wind (you can build turbine out of PVC pipes!) and solar and tidal power around.

Losing control

Western society of ours is based on the principle of controlling and regulating anything that is possible. However this has been proven to cause lots of stress, lots of anxiety because with more regulations more of our lives there is little more room for intimacy. This is why many people (including me) are now quitting their corporate careers and looking for more hands-on jobs like for example glass blowers, or helping at the farm. Something that was nicely pictured in the recent Hollywood flicks “Cars” and “Surf’s Up”. Kinda strange by the way, since both of those movies are CGI films, but are more real, emotion-wise, than anything else is going around in cinemas right now.

What will happen what you lose control? Restoring of intimacy and lack of pressures.

Many studies shown that for example a replacement of the traffic lights with the roundabouts or  a complete removal of road signs achieved the above goals. People just instead of treating lights as a game played to win begun to be more wary of each other, and were often found more happy since they can interact with others.

Another thing is upcoming relaxation of the building codes. Administrations start to realize that for the best interest of the region it is vital to not impose central rights, but to allow local communities govern their land by themselves. It even happens in the UK which is known for most strict planning and zoning laws around europe.

Origins of religion of controlling others

I guess from what I read on the subject, the origins of those fears come from the post-colonial era, where people were put in position to either admit to doing something wrong in the past and straightening it, like it happens in New Zealand with recognition of the native people rights. Or they continue to live in denial like it happens with for example relationship between white people of Australia and aboriginal communities, even now in 2012

On the personal level it can be associated with the emotional problems passed on  from family to next generations. For example people who were brought up in the highly strict and controlling homes, without ability of expressing feelings, put their source of happiness at making others happy, disregarding whether helped person likes it or opposes that unneeded help.

Hurt people hurt people. But it doesn’t mean that you should make it easy for them to walk all over us, or tie you with their conflict.

I hope this rather long article helped you to stay away from traps that salesman of all walks of life put in front of you, to cash in on your confusion, so you won’t give in to the culture of abandoning your own dreams and feelings.

In the meantime..

2 Responses to “Popular scares of the first world, debunked by science”

  1. Fred Says:

    Monckton’s fame is eclipsed only by the size of his fibs. Though he has told two senators that he’s a “peer” “member” of the House of Lords; he’s not. He stood for election in 2007 and got no votes. In an open letter to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), he claimed to have been named a Nobel Peace Laureate for correcting the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which was awarded the Nobel in 2007. Needless to say, he does not have a Nobel. And less glamorous, Guardian reporter George Monbiot busted Monckton for editing his own Wikipedia page to falsely claim that he’d received an $80,000 libel settlement from the newspaper.


    • I am aware of that stuff. He is far from perfect, and I do not agree with him on lots of stuff, for example I don’t believe in human supremacy over other beings (human or non-human animals) nor nature. Coming from the linux world I do believe in open-source concepts ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfNCCJECpss ) and idea of personal consent and sharing stuff with no strings attached and flat self organising hierarchy of society ( in Todmorden food grows in public places and everyone can pick it for free! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2072383/Eccentric-town-Todmorden-growing-ALL-veg.html ). For me that whole nobleman titles are cute and really very amusing strangeness.

      And as far as I know he is not a vegan, and I would really take opinions of self proclaimed compassionate people who subscribe to the culture of violence and subjugation of other sentient beings, with a grain of salt, if I were still into poisoning my food with salt :)

      That said, you cant deny that Monckton was on Margaret Thatcher science team, and that he has a lot of logical reasoning behind him, presented either in that speech or in short form in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agyjz9pZfB4 where he takes the truth out of the own words of UN scientists.

      If you have something to challenge his findings and data, please come forward with that, since I am really open to listen both sides of the story. However please limit personal attacks and inflammatory language since it goes nowhere.

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