Quick raw-ish spelt spaghetti

June 7, 2012

So, you got hungry while in middle of something important to you. The best thing at this stage is to get a quick break to regroup own thoughts. And to cook something delish while at it :)

Simplest thing to do is getting some spelt pasta into boiling water, and in the meantime chop-up some onion, tomato and garlic, and wash some leafy greens that you happen to have around. In my case it was spinach. Chopped onion put on skillet or wok with two spoons of olive oil, sauté it a little, add tomatoes, some water and near the end toss half of your greens with chopped garlic. Add oregano and some Himalayan salt. Make sure to mix it when it will become thick to avoid burning it.

By this time the pasta should be ready. Drain it, serve on the plate along the other half of leafy greens. Pour the sauce on top and you’re done (minus the dishes to clean :P).

Hope you enjoyed this raw-ish vegan dish as much as I did :-)


pasta of your choice
2 tomatoes
1 onion
3 cloves of garlic
1/2 kg of spinach or other leafy greens of your choice
1 tsp of oregano
pinch of salt

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