Wishful hiring

July 7, 2012

If I would anytime become a CEO of a multinational corpo, I would immediately post this job ad:

– – – ✄ – – – ✄ – – – ✄ – – –

As a CEO of Big Ass XYZ Mutinational Corpo I am happy to announce that we are looking for people with following qualities:

  • Likes to have fun for sake of having fun ( like so, so or so ) – opposite of having fun to show others how much fun they are having
  • Is not an idiot
  • Big fan of Buffy the vampire slayer
  • Respects emotional consent of others no matter how crazy their crazy is
  • Is open to discuss own crazy when asked about it, but sticking by own guns until feeling on their own being ready to take a baby step beyond own boundaries
  • Is a non speciesist vegan, who likes to help other beings outside of own tribe when they ask for it, but understands that predators and scavengers also have their families to feed – this requirement is void when you are coming from a community where you hunted own food. However, our cafeteria only serves vegan meals
  • Created at least one tangible thing for the sake of it ( something that simply is, whether or not someone believes in its existence ) during the course of own life
  • Knows how to ask for help when stuck
  • Is allergic to NIH, OCD, ego, bullshit, dramas and head-games
  • Knows how to do stuff so their mum doesn’t have to come in and fix it after them
  • Laughed at least once at herself / himself
  • Has well defined own enough

Also, a big plus would be having about 3 years of experience in doing something they like themselves doing, rather than trolling for approval or pride.

Motto of our corpo is “Getting paid for having a good time without hurting any 3rd parties”

– – – ✄ – – – ✄ – – – ✄ – – –

As of now I still am not CEO of a multinational corporation, however if you are, then feel free to use this as a template for your hiring process :)

Creative Commons LicenseWishful hiring by Artur Sowinski – PleasantHacking is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.

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