Natural animal connection

September 9, 2012

We all have it. Ability to “talk to” and “hear from” animals using non-verbal form of communication. We, all living and sentient beings, have ability to communicate with each other. This also means to be able to listen what others have to tell us.

It might be hard for you to grasp if you come from the upbringing where all of your attempts at compassion were curbed and you were forced to express your emotions only through pride and conquest. The voice deep down in your head still lives despite all of that, and still when you see pictures of cruelty against other sentient beings you turn your head, because you know that it was wrong.

Thanks to the modern media and to the internet we all can share and learn stories of “amazing” acts of non-human animals.  There are stories of dog who went out in the middle of the night to alert authorities, and then expressed to them to follow them and saved a man and house from burning down.

I actually had the same experience when one dog whose owner lead to the walk came around me and started behaving strange. Since at that time it was dusk and the owner was no where in sight I follwed the dog advice and she lead me to a drunk person around in some bushes. Soon afterwards the owner showed up and the situation got solved.

There are actually now special dog sniffer units that specialise in detecting cancer. Dogs have been compassionate and on their own told their humans that there is something wrong with them and pointed to a suspicious places in the body.

By the way, just as there are nature’s detectors of cancer, there are nature’s healers of cancer too. They are called fruits and vegetables, and been proved by science over and over again to fight type two diabetes and various imbalances in immunologic system that lead to cancers.

Cats don’t fall short on compassion, despite their independent nature. Some also stand for their tribe:

And defend their tribe from unknown alligators

I said unknown alligator, because in nature nothing’s ceratin and it all depends on what tribe you form, and what strong emotional connection you hold. Some people befriended alligators.

Or they befriend big kitties:

There were also stories of bears siding with humans in combat. Historic evidence of a bear known as Voytek who was fighting along Poles in the battle of Monte Casino.

Those random acts of compassion also happen in the realm of non-human animals alone, for example a goose decided to become a guide for a blind dog.

Based on those observations many people see the need to have all animals protected in some way. Science has confirmed, for those who lacked own compassion, that animals are sentient beings as we are (well, at least some part of us humans are sentient :P). There are also legal initiatives to establish a person status for animals on the same level as humans. Not to mention that already the police dogs in some jurisdictions are sharing the same benefits of the law as regular police officer – attack on the police dog is equal, in some jurisdictions, to an attack on the human police officer.

So, there you have it, your whole world of excuses and dogmas of our superiority is crumbling and burning now, and there is really no excuse for you for sticking with eating sentient beings exposed to lifes of suffering and treatment as things. Please at least consider going vegan, just as Bill Clinton or Woody Harrelson.  The sooner – the better for yourself.

Hope this article, and previous one as well, will help you get your priorities straight on whats important in life, and in what order :)

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