Technology in nature

October 15, 2012  harvester BW

On one hand technology steals jobs, but on the other it gives you the power of extra time so you don’t have to constantly think about stuff and can focus more on important stuff in life like addressing your deep emotions.

Technology is what surrounds us these days. Some say it is not natural and that we need to get back to the days of manual labor. It is what they say “more natural”.

Problem with this way of thinking is that by  guilting you to abandon your dreams to better your existence, you become more time poor and more out of your mind living in pain and chasing some imaginary ghosts or reinventing the wheel so it would be more “green”.

Pro tip – all that surrounds you is nature. It is only transformed a little to make more sense and to not get in the way too much.

Some really don’t want you to think for yourself. For example look at people dissing vegans. We are our own medical system, yet many people who rely on the master-slave type of thinking are scared they will be no longer in power, and that their meal ticket will go away too. You know, big pharma that wants you to buy their transformed nature does their best to not let the cat out of the bag that for example lemon+ginger+organic honey works better at flu than their vaccines. They might eventually have to face their true feelings and come to terms with idea that they bet on the wrong horse in life.

Technology existed from ever since sentient beings existed on this rocky spaceship planet. It is natural to better off ourself and our loved ones. Animals in woods make and use existing paths to their advantage instead of going through the forest straight on for no good reason at all.

Those who are claiming it is not natural to create tools are free to address following videos

As you see, bird brains are not so dumb as some humans might think. And the more complex life form, the more complex systems they can learn to use.

Despite their intelligence and their social skills some humans still claim to be superior to other life forms, and to control them, for “their own good”. People are lead to believe that locking other sentient beings in cages, permanently disabling them by spaying or castration and then sending them to the gas chambers is a humane way of doing things.

However even when faced with such obstacles other feeling sentient beings handle it quite well:

All that is happening all around, as you saw in air by birds, on the ground as cats, dogs and cows show sample of it, but it also happens in the sea. Some octopuses know how to make own shelter out of coconut empty shells, by sticking two of them together creating a spherical home structure.

This vibe of bettering own life includes even some dolphin tribe that learned to use tools to aid their fishing and know how to pass this knowledge to the future generations.

Also, some gorillas know how to disable poachers traps and free themselves and their friends:

Oh, and some people teach dogs how to drive a car on their own:

This brings back all to the start of this article. If you think you know a way to better off yourself without being a dick to others nor compromising your own soul nor family, go for it and don’t let other mouthbreathers darken your sun:

There is not the slightest indication that nuclear energy will ever be obtainable. It would mean that the atom would have to be shattered at will.
Albert Einstein, 1932.

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