UFOs, non-humans and high tech

August 6, 2013

alien_in_UFO_cartoon_TAfter going plant based I simply could not stop thinking about a one thing: humans and non-humans are pretty much of the same construct. We all form tribes of shared beliefs, we create tools that aid our overall well-being in our lives, we love, we sometimes disagree and throw faeces, rocks or small metal pebbles, sometimes even larger pebbles that are somewhat radioactive at each other to prove something. By we I mean all species of this place.

What if they would actually exist? What if there were more then one species that can create highly specialised transformations of reality based on imaginary constructs?

What if they are of same moral construct as all else of this place and are not that different than we are? This is what I think they see us like. Scared, confused by unknown technology, however they seem to appreciate curiosity of the select few who chose to stay, overcome the fear and want to investigate what is going on.

From time to time I like to fill my time reading about UFOs. Basing on what I see in I see in some of the reports of the supposed encounters, I think I would be able to build a semi-decent psychological profile of them. It kinda looks like as if they have their own life and have the utmost respect for personal choices and self determination of any other life. They have an utmost respect for not being a dick to one another.and desire to share their views without forcing it. From the looks of it they celebrate consent and free will, and only say “we believe in this, if you believe in it too – good on you as well” to avoid creating the relationships of being needy and emotional co-dependency. And they seem to take pleasure from manifesting it by poking holes in the inflated egos of humans and have a curious look at the regulars, I guess in hope we will finally get it right this time.

(UFO Appears Over Protest In Brazil ~ June 2013)

Pretty much out of love, since there is no other way to show an addict that is the whole of humanity, that the world is okay as it is. They know that when dealing with the addiction one can only put some things in the way of the addict in hope the addict will stumble on it, and it will trigger “aha moment” in them, and from there they will start learning on their own. Learn things like you don’t need a crutch in form of domination and control of other human or non-human. You don’t have to kill another when plants are what you can safely live on day by day when you’re a vegan, or even when you’re an “obligate” carnivore  (my cat eats 100% plant based catfood, but she is outgoing so sometimes she brings me something in, which im okay with – those are her choices ).

Humans have developed plant based cat and dog food that has a mix of the natural plant based proteins with a very few select synthetic vitamins like taurine that is needed for proper function of non-humans. With this our non-human companions can also form a tribe with us on our moral standard of lack of the pre-emptive violence and domination.

Are there some high-tech species out there that are “obligate” carnivores? Probably yes. But with sufficient technology they can also avoid giving in to the idea of pre-emptive evil and live through the plants alone. Most likely there are some fractions within them that cherish “natural” way of predator, killing others for food, but it is highly unlikely.

With the sufficient advancements in technology technology and civilization simply can not exist without two things. Emotional space given to the inventor to pursue new ways for the benefit of all, such as flight – lets call it compassion. The other thing that is also highly important is the pure heart and a will to make it better with recognition of pain of other beings – lets call it recognition of soul and the God’s spirit. When any of those two are missing, all suddenly becomes a porn that feeds on each other. Pulling down each other and creating the escapism which reinvents ways to counter that constant infighting and control instead of celebrating growth. Even in nature non-humans mostly kill when they are left with no other choice – there are photos on the internet of lion and gazelle drinking from the same water hole or just coming around for a curious visit.

After going vegan and looking around I decided to put together all of the best practices of current society together in one free ebook. Free since I believe in free and open-source based society of personal liberties. I strongly believe that all of this technology will scare a lot of people into avoiding this book. However those select few of the pure heart and curious about the world will appreciate it. My book is called Millennials Guide and you can get it on Amazon for just $3.36:


(local page of the book: Millennials Guide)

I hope this will help you go through the life if you choose to trust universal vibration of love. Since my book is cheap and based on the open information, feel free to share it with your friends. The information in this book might be too much for some, but I can only give a simple advice for the select brave ones on how to read it: “hold my beer” and let’s hope for the best.

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  1. jane Says:

    what a pleasant read! thank you

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