My name is Artur Sowiński and welcome to my blog.

Here you will find various records of wisdom (hopefully) which I gathered along my path of life, plant based (a.k.a. vegan) diet, computers and everything else.

A short list of what can be attributed to me:

  • A believer in an individual soul and free will of all sentient life, a non-associated Christian (follower of teachings of early holy texts, ones before emperor Constantine mangled them into today’s Bible)
  • Open source capitalist – ideas, information, animals or sentient life are never a “possession”, only products of ideas can be things, with as little government regulatory intrusions as possible
  • Comfortable with various power-tools ( I made my own computer desk! ) and a chefs knife ( I often cook for myself from scratch )
  • Author of the book “Millennials Guide” about how to get out of debts and regain own free will so you wont fall for headgames of some strange people
  • 100% plant based foodie and aspiring fittie. Observer of power of natural self healing through targeted plant based nutrition, meditation and genuine love
  • Previously skilled in Taoist Tai-Chi form of meditative exercise
  • Previously trained in various opensource systems and software, creator of the Gaia system of instantly uptated, full 3d and no-hard-disk desktops
  • Pro individual consent and self defence rights, pro American 2nd amendment and pro life. Strong believer in personal, individual self determination and answering only to God for own actions
  • Believer in existence of intelligent non-humans, both less and more technologically advanced as us
  • Joyrider
  • Cat person

And a lots of other stuff I forgot about.

I hope you’ll enjoy my site. If you need me, you can catch me via
mail: artur.sowinski@yahoo.com
twitter: @ArturSowinski
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/artur.sowinski

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll have fun reading my blog


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