Tinfoil_Smiley__Arvin61r58Being plant based (vegan) and having software background makes you see through lot of videos online. You develop instant bullshit detecor to sieve out loud and empty words. Because you’re bored with all free power that comes from self harming stuff that you are liberated from after aligning self with plant based lifestyle, you see through it all.

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Love graph

June 20, 2014

After studying Gospel of Matthew, this is what I believe Jesus had in mind, and what He wanted to show the world:

The love graph

The love graph

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alien_in_UFO_cartoon_TAfter going plant based I simply could not stop thinking about a one thing: humans and non-humans are pretty much of the same construct. We all form tribes of shared beliefs, we create tools that aid our overall well-being in our lives, we love, we sometimes disagree and throw faeces, rocks or small metal pebbles, sometimes even larger pebbles that are somewhat radioactive at each other to prove something. By we I mean all species of this place.

What if they would actually exist? What if there were more then one species that can create highly specialised transformations of reality based on imaginary constructs?

What if they are of same moral construct as all else of this place and are not that different than we are? This is what I think they see us like. Scared, confused by unknown technology, however they seem to appreciate curiosity of the select few who chose to stay, overcome the fear and want to investigate what is going on.

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conferate_flagSo, you have a truck. Not just any truck. You’ve set your truck at proper height for the offroad, just half of inch below suspension height limits set by public road officials. You tinkered around your truck and know that every time something sounds bad you just have to get it done and fixed, up to speed. You answer to no-one, except The Almighty, and your mother in law. You tread on no-one. You know what the difference makes putting a match ammo through your gun and cheap one. And despite your best intentions you sometimes have to yield to the dollar or to the doctor. What if there was a better way to get things done within own means?

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February 20, 2013

When I see those, some feelings come along that I believe are how love feels :) Although not really you can synthesise love through imagination, you can only truly bind on the soul level in an honest to God way.

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Soul vibe

November 20, 2012

soul visiting the body Egyptian

soul visiting the body – Egyptian

Life is more about of relationships than anything else. But here’s the catch, it is not limited to the persons alone, but also goes to other realms, such as things, or even imaginary construct. From that point of view it can be easy to figure out stuff down the road. Some quick examples:

You and your favorite brands of cloths/electronic – despite the choice of many things you came to certain brand that represents certain style.

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Bye bye nice view

November 18, 2012

This post is to say fare well to a nice view i had out of my window for the last 15 years or so. Outside of my window there used to be a meadow.

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