I was thinking about some stuff and I have some pretty nifty ideas about some devices that might help a lot people out. I also come from a Linux crowd where we just share ideas under GNU GPL and other licenses that allow freedom of usage of any software to anyone as long the modified software is released under the same license.

I am also a vegan, who sees non-human animals as peers upon which I don’t assert control ( tho I understand the need of other humans to stick to their own beliefs, even if they do not reflect reality of the world they’re in, and I don’t want to push my view onto others ).

What I want to know if there is some court-proven license that would guarantee me basically something like GPL but in the physical non-imaginary real-world. Some license that would allow me ALL of the following abilities:

  • invention belongs to all of the sentient beings (human and non-human) capable of making sense of my invention who would:
    • use it for non-commercial purposes ( something like Creative Commons CC BY-NC )
    • use it for benefit of self or ‘own close ones’ ( group of beings where at least once per month each participant physically hugs at least 80% of other participants of that group )
  • the document describing my invention would act as a prior art in the current patent system. In case I would want to patent it later on I would like to effectively block others from patenting my invention
  • I am the keeper of the for-profit usage of my invention, giving out licenses to others to use it in a commercial way
  • after deciding that I made enough money from my invention I would like to raise non-commercial restriction so others would like to have their fun as well

I am aware of existence of very liberal licenses in the arts and imaginary world of so called ‘intellectual property’, i.e. WTFPL or Creative Commons or GPL. However I want some sort of license that would allow me same degree of freedom in the real world of physical inventions and detachment from monetary flow.

Basically I want to release my invention blueprints in a way that regular people would benefit in some rural communities, and money-uped corpos would not hijack my invention to keep statusquo with scale of production unless I would allow them on one-by-one basis.

Then It dawned on me.

Why just release it instead on a dual license:

CC BY-NC so non-commercial usage would be permitted. And for commercial usage go with simple honor system as in: “I would like you to pay $X, but I’m okay if you pay as much or as little as you want for commercial license” – something like Radiohead  did recently with their pay-what-you-want album. That way I wouldn’t have to worry about controlling anything and flow of money would be secured, and it will figure as prior art because I will trumpet it all around and It’s non-commercial license :)

I guess I will go with this scheme as soon as I will get prototype working :)

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