alien_in_UFO_cartoon_TAfter going plant based I simply could not stop thinking about a one thing: humans and non-humans are pretty much of the same construct. We all form tribes of shared beliefs, we create tools that aid our overall well-being in our lives, we love, we sometimes disagree and throw faeces, rocks or small metal pebbles, sometimes even larger pebbles that are somewhat radioactive at each other to prove something. By we I mean all species of this place.

What if they would actually exist? What if there were more then one species that can create highly specialised transformations of reality based on imaginary constructs?

What if they are of same moral construct as all else of this place and are not that different than we are? This is what I think they see us like. Scared, confused by unknown technology, however they seem to appreciate curiosity of the select few who chose to stay, overcome the fear and want to investigate what is going on.

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conferate_flagSo, you have a truck. Not just any truck. You’ve set your truck at proper height for the offroad, just half of inch below suspension height limits set by public road officials. You tinkered around your truck and know that every time something sounds bad you just have to get it done and fixed, up to speed. You answer to no-one, except The Almighty, and your mother in law. You tread on no-one. You know what the difference makes putting a match ammo through your gun and cheap one. And despite your best intentions you sometimes have to yield to the dollar or to the doctor. What if there was a better way to get things done within own means?

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Natural animal connection

September 9, 2012

We all have it. Ability to “talk to” and “hear from” animals using non-verbal form of communication. We, all living and sentient beings, have ability to communicate with each other. This also means to be able to listen what others have to tell us.

It might be hard for you to grasp if you come from the upbringing where all of your attempts at compassion were curbed and you were forced to express your emotions only through pride and conquest. The voice deep down in your head still lives despite all of that, and still when you see pictures of cruelty against other sentient beings you turn your head, because you know that it was wrong.

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Vegan views on cancer

February 28, 2012

This is something that I stumbled upon quite recently. I guess it explains why vegans are perceived as ‘militant’. Compassion and animal rights aside, we simply feel and see long-term health patterns forming and it pisses us off that people hurt self ( and other non-human animals along the way ) and then go on complaining about self-inflicted pain and being the burden on society. Just like if their lives and health were not their own personal responsibility.

I just had a surreal conversation with a friend who’s just been diagnosed with cancer.

It amazes me how most people are comfortable being brainwashed into believing disease is a death sentence, unable to be affected by a change in lifestyle. Read the rest of this entry »

Vegan oat cookies gone nuts

February 10, 2012

Vegan Coconut Oaties

So, once again I went for my trusty oat cookie recipe. This time I was totally out of cranberries and raisins (forgot to restock after Christmas). After going through my pantry all what I found fit for the job was a bag of forgotten shredded coconut. Why not. Read the rest of this entry »

Plant-based Belgian waffles

December 15, 2011

The Saturday 3rd of December started almost the same as any other day. I woke up, but then suddenly it hit me. The serious craving for vegan Belgian waffles. Read the rest of this entry »

Look what the cat brought in

September 18, 2011

A mouse in a jar

A mouse in a jar

So, I’m a vegan and I have a cat. And she brought me just moments ago a nice mouse that was still alive. This post is on how to handle such situations. Read the rest of this entry »

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